Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take commissions?

Yes. I take commissions on acrylic painting, as well as other mediums including collage, assemblage and sculpture. Simply message me using the or via and let me know what you have in mind. Final price will depend on size, technique and complexity. We can work on something to suit your budget.

What other materials do you use?

  • Fabric

  • Wood

  • Paper

  • Dried Flowers

  • Found Objects

  • Artificial Flowers/Foliage

Did you study art?

Yes. Please refer to my for more details.

How is your art priced?

My work is priced according to several factors, mainly:

  • size and materials used.

  • the amount of time spent painting, researching the theme, working on studies, sourcing materials, plus regular studio expenses (rent, etc).

  • my growing experience (so an earlier artwork will cost less than an equally sized more recent one, for example).

  • shipping or courier services

Packing and Shipping

Paintings without any added sculptural elements are sent unframed inside a PVC, shock resistant and leak resistant tube for extra protection and to keep shipping costs low. Sending large dimension artwork framed is highly costly (it can quadruple the price of shipping) and more prone to damage. Small artworks are sent framed. I like to do my best to ensure my patrons receive their artwork in pristine conditions. Naturally, artwork sent in the above mentioned conditions will need to be framed. I usually suggest patrons contact local framers, as they can get better deals than if they were to source them directly from me. The shipping policy for sculptural artwork ensures the safe and secure transportation of your pieces. I exclusively employ a reputable courier service to handle the delicate nature of the sculptural artwork, emphasizing careful handling and timely delivery. Many of the courier services I use also install works of art at additional cost. Please note that due to the unique characteristics of sculptural art, I do not utilize regular mail services to guarantee the utmost protection and care during transit.

How long does it take for you to finish an art piece?

This is a tricky question to answer. Naturally, a larger artwork will take longer than a smaller one, but I don't consider the first brushstroke as the beginning of the work - it starts with the idea. Then there is the maturing of it in the mind, the (many, many) hours spent researching the subject matter, collecting materials, reading, listening to podcasts...I proceed to writing and drawing in my sketchbook diaries, after which I move onto drawn studies. Once I feel ready and everything falls into place for me, only then do I proceed to the "final artwork," the painting itself. Timeline also depends on how much work I am currently undertaking and the project being asked to create. I reserve the right to refuse a commission.