Amanda Berg

Hi, I'm Amanda Berg

Creating art with my hands is a deeply personal and intrinsic form of how I express myself. I am fueled by the motivation to materialize abstract ideas into tangible, visually captivating forms. The act of crafting something manually fosters a sense of connection between me and my creation, as each stroke or mold becomes an extension of my thoughts and emotions. Sharing these creations with others transforms art into a bridge, allowing people to connect, resonate, and find shared meaning in the diverse tapestry of human experiences. In this exchange, my vision not only enriches my own life but also becomes a source of inspiration and connection for those who witness and engage with my work.

Paper collage is a form of artwork that involves creating compositions by gluing various paper materials together. It is a versatile medium that allows artists to experiment with different textures, colors, and patterns. The process of making a paper collage begins with collecting different types of paper from magazines, books, or cards. The paper pieces are then cutout or torn, arranged and glued onto a surface, typically a canvas or a sturdy paper. The artist can layer the paper, overlap shapes, and play with the overall composition to create a visually appealing and cohesive piece. Paper collage offers endless possibilities for creativity, allowing artists to explore and express their ideas through the combination of different paper materials.


An assemblage refers to a collection or arrangment of diverse elements of objects brought together to form a unified whole. It often invloves combining various materials, found objects, or ideas to create a cohesive composition. The process of making an assemblage typically includes selecting, arranging, and sometimes modifying the chosen elements to convey a specific concept of aesthetic. Artists often use assemblage to explore unconventional means of expression and create unique multidimensional works.


A sculpture made from objects involves creating art by combining existing, often everyday, items into a unified composition. Artists gather diverse objects such as discarded materials, tools, or fragments and repurpose them to convey a new meaning or aesthetic. The process includes selecting suitable objects based on shape, texture, or symbolic significance, and then arranging or connecting them in a deliberate manner. To create a sculpture from found objects the chosen items might be welded, glued, or otherwise attached together. The goal is to transform these ordinary objects into a cohesive and meaningful work of art , often inviting viewers to reconsider the inherent value and purpose of the assembled elements. This form of sculpture encourages creativity through resourcefulness and challenges traditional notions of art materials.